How to Pair a Bluetooth Scanner to your Phone




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    Hello I have an  Opticon OPN 2004 can you please help me on seeing if i can connect the device to iphone or android.


    Thank You 

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    Caleb Roth

    Hey Eric - the OPN 2004 isn't a Bluetooth scanner.  You'll want to check out the 2002 or 2006 versions, which are equipped with Bluetooth.

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    I have a Symcode wireless barcode scanner (USB Wireless Barcode Scanner, Symcode Handheld Laser Barcode Reader 2.4GHz Wireless & USB 2.0 wired with receiver storage of up to 10000 code) This is the link for it:


    There is a lag in the scanner, but it works with other apps, such as FBA scan. It basically takes a while for scout IQ to process when I scan a book, even in DB mode. It isn't Bluetooth, but it connects to my phone via a USB receiver. Maybe the receiver is bad, so I can order a new one. Any pairing instructions that might improve the connection before I buy another? Thanks.







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